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Art House Atelier Launches Online Auctions

Online auction and art platform aims to bring artists, galleries and buyers together to make art purchases as simple and enjoyable as possible. 

Art House Atleier has been created in response to the current challenges posed by the pandemic. Leveraging our considerable expertise, knowledge and success in online sales, Oeno Gallery has partnered with AHA to help smaller galleries, emerging artists and established studios by offering a curated selection of artworks to a global audience. Many are from this region of Prince Edward County, but over the coming weeks, artists from other parts of the country will also be featured. This varied selection of Canadian artworks ranges in price from $200- $5,000 with a few works in the $5,000-$10,000 range.
Art House Atelier welcomes Katy McIntyre as its Executive Director. Relying on extensive expertise in digital media marketing and an art & visual culture studies degree, Katy is well positioned to guide and promote AHA throughout the world.
We invite you to explore our platform and visit the current auction. Sign up to receive notices of subsequent auctions. Over the coming weeks, works from several galleries, studios and artists will also be offered for sale on the site.

The team behind AHA has many years of professional experience in the commercial art world. Specifically, in addition to running traditional storefront galleries, we have been selling art online and through auctions for some time. Our commitment to you is that we will curate the collection that is offered, it will be presented accurately, and will be delivered professionally.